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Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition Goes Budget In November

Just a few weeks after Move.


Sony's November lineup for PlayStation 3's "The Best" budget label includes some major releases, but this is probably the biggest:

Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition, or Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition as its known in the English speaking world (of which Japan is not yet a part), will get the ugly yellow packaging treatment on November 11. It will be priced ¥2,990.

The November 11 date is somewhat unfortunate, as it falls a few weeks after PlayStation Move's October 21 date. Gold Edition can be patched to full Move support. The budget packaging lists the game as Move compatible.

Also due out for PlayStation 3 on November 11 are Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires and Sacred 2, both ¥2,940.

PlayStation Portable will get The Best releases of Tora Dora Portable! on 11/3 at ¥2,800 and Dynasty Warriors 2nd Evolution on 11/11 at ¥1,575. The latter is seeing its second budget release, which is why its price is so low.

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