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Package Wars: Fight of the Monster Hunter Clones

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd's packaging has been revealed. How does it compare to clones of itslef?


This is the packaging for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, which s due for 12/1/2010 release:

Hachimaki has been keeping a running tally of boxart for all the various Monhan clones. Have a look:

Monster Hunter Portable: 12/1/2005

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd: 2/22/2007

It is at this point that publishers clued in on the emerging Monster Hunter phenomenon and directed their teams to replicate the game in every way, including packaging. Capcom still managed to get in the first blow, however, with PSP's most successful game ever:

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G: 3/27/2008

Phantasy Star Portable: 7/31/2008

Valhalla Knights 2 Battle Stance: 6/25/2009

Phantasy Star Portable 2: 12/3/2009

God Eater: 2/4/2010

God Eater Burst: 10/28/2010

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