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Trinity Zill O'll Zero Demo Hits Next Week

First of two demos for upcoming PS3 action RPG.

Those who couldn't make it to the Tokyo Game Show will be able to try out Trinity's TGS demo next week.

Tecmo Koei previously promised two demoes for PS3's Trinity Zill O'll Zero. Today, we got specifics courtesy of the game's official blog.

The first of the two demos is the Tokyo Game Show demo, which places a focus on action. This will be available on October 14.

The second demo will offer a number of demo-exclusive quests. You'll be able to enjoy the game's action component, but you'll also get a feel for the overall structure of the game. This demo is currently release TBA.

Trinity itself hits on November 25, a date that the game's producer has promised will stick (Trinity was delayed a few times).

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