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Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer Contains Mix of Real Time and Pre-rendered Footage

Tetsuya Nomura comments on the Tokyo Game Show trailer.

In the new Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer, this opening sequence of Noctis on the highway is pre-rendred, but everything else is real time.

It seems that there's been a bit of debate about what areas of the Tokyo Game Show Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer are real time and what's pre-rendered. Tetsuya Nomura has responded via Twitter.

The opening sequence of the Versus trailer which shows a close-up of main character Noctis is part of a pre-rendered movie, said Nomura. Everything else is real time footage of the game being actually controlled.

Regarding the sequences showing Noctis running about, Nomura said that you can traverse these areas on foot as shown in the trailer, but he believes most people will opt for transportation via car.

Regarding the ending battle sequence with the giant behemoth, Nomura said that they slowed the speed down just a bit from the real thing. The reason for this is that Noctis' speed is actually so fast that you can't see him clearly.

For further details on the trailer and how you can watch it yourself, see this story. Nomura actually commented on the sequences shown in the trailer, along with such areas as car transportation and the battle system, back in June. For a summary of that old Famitsu interview, see this story.

In an earlier post, Nomura explained the reasoning behind putting the trailers on the login-protected Members site. This was done only because the Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Agito XIII official sites are not yet ready, and the fastest way to get them up would be to go through the Members site.

Final Fantasy Agito XIII director Hajime Tabata commented on the Agito trailer which precedes the Versus trailer. Wrote Tabata, "The main characters' actions, Golem and Ifrit coming down to the battle field, smashing enemy soldiers with blizzard. The details are a secret, but they're all important elements for Agito. The area where the Chocobo is running is the world map."

As usual for these Twitter updates, I have no idea when Nomura is going to stop making posts, so I'll be adding translations of new posts (if there are any) to this story via comments section. Registered members can get alerts in the following section on the site's front page when the comments section has been updated by clicking the "follow this thread" checkbox above the comments field below.

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