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Tsutaya Kicks off Nintendo Zone Service

Retailer converts DS Station kiosks to full Nintendo Zone status, complete with special Inazuma Eleven goods.


Visit your local Tsutaya shop now and you may find a new service in place for your DS. Culture Convenience Club, Tsutaya's operator, began its own version of Nintendo's Nintendo Zone service at 46 Tsutaya shops nationwide on the 1st of this month.

Tsutaya has been offering patrons access to DS Station kiosks since Nintendo first placed the kiosks in retailers just after the DS's launch. The conversion to full Nintendo Zone status makes the shop more akin to McDonalds, which has its own version of Nintendo Zone operating under the name "Mac de DS" (DS at McDonalds). Tsutaya's implementation is called "Tsutaya de DS" (DS at Tsutaya).

Similar to the McDonalds service, visitors to Tsutaya will be able to access DS demos and downloads. Tsutaya will also be offering original content for select titles. Patrons will also be able to get product information and pre-order games.

To kick off the service, Tsutaya is holding the "Tsutaya x Inazuma Eleven 3 Bakunetsu Campaign." Through November 4, DS owners who access Nintendo Zone from the Tsutaya shop will receive a digital Inazuma Eleven character stamp. Collect five of these, and you'll get a real character sticker. Similar to past "stamp rallies" at McDonalds (through which participants could receive, for instance, a free hamburger) you'll only be able to get one stamp per day.

Tsutaya is also offering digital artwork collections and rival team formation data for Inazuma eleven 3. These will be swapped out weekly.

Like the McDonalds Nintendo Zone service, Tsutaya has a special interface for the Tsutaya de DS service.

The placement of Nintendo Zone in Tsutaya looks like it could be part of Nintendo's continued efforts to create an online infrastructure not just for the DS, but for the upcoming 3DS as well. At the Nintendo Conference press conference last month, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata said that Nintendo would be gradually converting the DS Station kiosks that are in place in over 1,000 retailers nationwide to Nintendo Zone as an effort to facilitate use of the 3DS's SpotPass feature. For more details on SpotPass and other 3DS online services, see this story

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