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This is Virtual On Force's Limited Edition

Sega packs the game's "Memorial Box" with content.


One of the reasons Sega originally cited for releasing Virtual On Force as a package game rather than going through Xbox Live Arcade like Virtual On Oratorio Tangram was because they wanted to give the game a limited edition to commemorate the series' 15th anniversary. Today, Sega provided a detailed look at that limited edition, the Virtual On Force Memorial Box 15.

The Memorial Box includes a soundtrack CD and booklet. The soundtrack spans six discs with 218 tracks along with some bonuses, and covers Virtual On, Virtual On Oratorio Tangram, Virtual On Force and Virtual On Mars. The booklet spans 140 pages and includes arcade and home version product images, promotional graphics, pre design images for the Virtualoid mechs, and past interviews with series producer Jurou Wataru and mechanical designer Hajime Katoki. Sega is also throwing in two Tangram-themed super balls.

While the version of the game that's included with the limited edition will be identical to the standard version, it will have special box art created by Katoki.

You're going to be paying quite a bit for all this Virtual On content. The Memorial Box 15 edition runs ¥12,900, up substantially from the standard version's ¥6,090.

As previously detailed, pre-orders for either version of the game will include a "Fetish Unlock Code," which gives you access to various bust sizes for Fei-Yen and Angelan (details here. First print runs will include a code for accessing special paint in Sega's arcade title Border Break (details here).

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