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Capcom Teases Ace Attorney Collaboration

Plus, series director Shu Takumi talks about the early creation of the series.


The first Ace Attorney game saw Japanese release on October 12, 2001. The series will see its 10th anniversary in exactly one year, but Capcom kicked off the anniversary festivities today with an official site renewal and a special anniversary site.

The anniversary site has comments from Ace Attorney series musicians and character designers, along with a full interview with series director Shu Takumi.

In the interview, after making light of the fact that the anniversary isn't until next year, Takumi recalled the early creation of the series. He started writing the original's design document in August 2000 and gave it the placeholder name of "Lawyer Game." This initial work was done during a summer break he'd gotten after finishing work on Dino Crisis 2. He'd wanted to use the break to think up his next project.

You can see the full Takumi interview here (Japanese).

Perhaps bigger than the anniversary site itself is the mysterious "???x???" link at the official site. Click on it, and you see the following image:

It looks like Capcom has some sort of mystery collaboration in the works for the series. The book in the image says "Majo Saiban," prompting some to speculate that this could be a collaboration with a 2009 Fuji TV drama called Majo Saiban.

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