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Kenka Bancho 5 Update

Meet Naoto's chums and get a look at the world in the biggest Kenka Bancho ever.


Kenka Bancho 5 promises to be "a compilation" of sorts for the series. Spike says it will be the final chapter in the Kenka Bancho series for PSP and will be packed with content, including the largest fields and greatest number of primary characters, customization parts and mini games.

As detailed last week, the game is set in the region of Amihama. In this area, five schools and three teams are waging a turf war.

You play as Naoto Naruse, a third year hgh school student who's just transferred to Tsurume High School, one of Amihama's five schools. Naoto lives with his uncle in the area surrounding the school.

Tsurume High is currently seeing an internal bancho battle between cliques run by two other third year students, Taishi Shindo and Shougo Takatsu. On Shindo's side is Tomohiro Wakamiya, a first year student. On Takatsu's side are the second year Kouji Yazawa and the first year Masato Sugawara.

From left to right, Naoto, Taishi, Shougo, Tomohiro, Kouji and Masato.

Amihama is split into multiple wards. Each ward has its own distinct look and facilities. Here's a look at four of the wards.

Tsurume Ward

The head town in the Amihama area, home to many apartments and houses. Naoto lives with his uncle in this area.

Kansei Ward

Amihama's most lively area, filled with shops, restaurants and play spots.

Gaikan Ward

An industrial area that's packed with businesses and factories.

Narumizuhama Ward

An area featuring large scale shopping malls and multi purpose halls.


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