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Square Enix Wants Lord of Arcana to Spread Virally

Game rewards players for distributing demo.


It's not too uncommon for games to include demo versions that players can distribute to other players. But Square Enix is going one step further with Lord of Arcana's implementation of this system. Players will receive rewards for distributing the demo.

Lord of Arcana's main menu has an "Install" sub menu. From this, you can choose to install the game to your Memory Stick, presumably speeding up load times, or you can select to install a "Trial Version." This second option will copy a bootable demo of the game to the currently set Memory Stick.

The trial version will allow you to play the prologue section of the game. It will also include multiplayer play, although demo users will not be able to play as host (that is, they won't be able to make their own Guild House room).

Here's where the incentive comes in. When you play a multiplayer session with someone who's received the demo from you, you'll receive "medallion" items. The game gives out two types of medallions: Gold and Silver. You receive Silver when you clear a quest with someone who's received the demo from you. You receive Gold when you clear a quest with someone who's picked up the full version of the game and has imported save data from a copy of the demo that he received from you.

Give these medallion items to a young boy in your village, and you'll receive rare items. Depending on how impressive those items are, expect Lord of Arcana's demo to spread rapidly once the game sees release on Thursday.

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