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Dangan-Ronpa's Gameplay Detailed

2.5D motion graphics, Anagram Machine Gun Battles, and Climax Deduction. Plus, meet the latest cast members.


Dangan-Ronpa now has a demo available exclusively through Tsutaya (access it here), but just in case you haven't been able to download it yet, here are some long awaited gameplay details on the game, complete with a new media blast that Spike shared today.

As previously detailed, Dangan-Ronpa traps players in an elite school. The dastardly Mono Bear (voiced by Doraemon) tells the students that the only way to escape is to murder one-another. This is unacceptable for main character Makoto Nanegi, who decides to seek out the culprit following the first murder.

The school environment is created using the game's "2.5D Motion Graphic" visual system. This system lets you view the environments from different angles, which could unlock different clues and items. Here's the same room from different angles, revealing an item that had been hidden in the shadow of a desk.

You'll find a variety of classrooms, and even special areas like a library and gym. Each student also has his own personal quarters, marked by a nameplate outside the door. To help with your exploration, you have access to a map which shows the whereabouts of the other students.

Your exploration of the school is divided into two parts: "school life" and "investigation part." The latter part kicks in once a murder has taken place. You'll have to move about the school grounds, speaking to other characters and collecting evidence. Evidence is stored in the form of "Kotodama," or "Word Bullets."

Once you've gathered all your Kotodama, you enter the game's judgment phase, which makes use of the game's "Anagram Machine Gun Battle" deduction system for closing in on the truth behind the crime. When you reach the final phase of your deductions, you'll enter into a gameplay system known as "Climax Deduction." Here, the truth behind the murder is shown in the form of a manga. However, there are frames missing from the manga. You'll need to fill in these missing panels.

Correctly recreate the crime scene, and Mono Kuma will punish the murderer. Make a mistake, and everyone else will be punished.

Joining the gameplay details, Spike has provided a look at four additional characters.

Mondo Oowada (CV: Kazuya Nakai)

An "extreme high school level motorcycle gang" member. He's head of the biggest motorcycle gang in the Kanto area. His motto is "act first, think later." While he calls himself a "fiend," he actually has a strong sense of duty and humanity.

Touko Fukawa (CV: Miyuki Sawashiro)

An "extreme high school level literature girl." Although Touko is a best selling author of romance novels, she's not not particular good with relationships herself. Most of her statements reflect her extremely negative way of thinking.

Celestia Rudenberk (CV: Hekiru Shiina)

An "extreme high school level gambler." Even though she goes by the name Celest, she's pure Japanese. While she has a cute, tiny external physical appearance, this just hides her sharp tongue. She's a master of lies, and uses this to win at mahjong, poker and other competitive table games. Many gamblers have had their lives destroyed because they lost to her. Aside from her known love of goth loli clothing, everything about her is hidden behind a veil of lies.

Aoi Asahina (CV: Chiwa Saito)

An "extreme high school level swimmer." Aoi is good at a variety of sports, but with swimming in particular, she's set numerous high school records. She's unable to relax without moving her body so she's always seen moving.

(Spike's profile information for Aoi didn't say why she's surrounded by donuts.)

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