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This Week's Flying Get

New Rune Factory and Another Century's Episode games announced. The latest magazine leaks, updated throughout the day.


Welcome to this week's Flying Get, our weekly column where we gather all the early magazine leaks coming out of message boards and shady foreign websites in one convenient location.

As usual, we'll warn that the info you find here hasn't been verified. While usually accurate, we'd suggest waiting for more detailed reports later on the main channel before making major stock purchase decisions.

Check back throughout the day for updates!

CORRECTIONS: Reports about Level-5's baseball game, the Little Battler eXperience date, Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII International, and Yu-Gi-Oh 3DS were false. See below for details.

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Catherine: Meet Vincent's Loser Friends

It looks like I got a bit confused in the Catherine notice below. The names Koyasu, Hirata and Taniyama are actually the names of the voice actors for three new characters, all of whom have Western names, which fits closer to the rest of the game.

Get ready to meet Vincent's friends in this week's Catherine update.

Introduced in this week's Famitsu are Vincent's loser drinking buddies:

Johnny (CV: Takehito Koyasu)
A single 32-year-old who works at his father used car dealership. Regarding love, he has the policy of "Marriage is something you should do with your destined partner."
Toby (CV: Kishou Taniyama)
A single 23-year-old who serves as Johnny's subordinate at the used car lot. He has little experience with girls and believes that as soon as he gets a girlfriend he'll marry her.
Orlando (CV: Hiroaki Hirata)
A 32-year-old divorcee who lives with Vincent.

These three characters end up seeing the same nightmares as Vincent.

Famitsu also has some actual gameplay details on Catherine. It looks like during the action game's action parts, which take place in Vincent's nightmares, you'll end up fleeing from a mysterious attacking creature. You'll have to avoid attacks from this creature and keep climbing the stairs. If you get caught or fall off the stairs, you'll die, with the text "Love is Over" splashing on the screen.

Screenshots make the action part look a bit like its viewed from a side perspective, like a 2.5D game There are only a couple of action part shots, though, so it's unclear if this is how the whole game plays.

One of the screens shows an image of the monster that's coming at you. It's... a bit hard to describe. It looks like a giant pair of breasts, with nipples as eyes (or vice versa), muscular arms coming out the side, and a sharp fanged mouth at the top. A giant tongue protrudes from the mouth and appears to be getting ready to swat at Vincent (who's dangling from the side of the stairs).

I have a feeling everyone will see something different from the creature. To be honest, the "breast" thing is less offensive than what I really saw from the image.

It also looks like the game has an e-mail system where you exchange mails with Catherine and Katherine. Some of the e-mails include pictures. Let's just say, Catherine isn't particularly camera shy.

If past Famitsu update schedules are anything to go by, we should be getting a look at all this content at Famitsu.com either today or tomorrow.

This guy is nothing compared to the thing in Famitsu this week.

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Tifa Doesn't Know Cloud Either

Unlike the Crisis Core International news, which may be fake (glad I put that disclaimer at the top of the article!), Jump does indeed have a first proper look at Tifa this week.

The magazine reveals that Tifa's "another form" outfit will be her Advent Children clothing. Her standard outfit is, of course, her classic FFVII mini skirt.

Remember how Tifa didn't seem to know who Sephiroth was in the Tokyo Game Show trailer? It seems that she also doesn't know Cloud.

Your New 3rd Birthday Characters

The new 3rd Birthday characters in Jump this week aren't actually new. The magazine provides proper introductions to Gabriel Monsigny and Kyle Madigan, both of whom were in past trailers I believe.

There's also an introduction to an orbital weapon called the "Satellite Cannon." Screenshots show this laser-based weapon making quick work of the Twisted.

More importantly, there's a particularly sexy shot of Aya showing her clothes torn in new, exciting ways.

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Your Japanese Move Games Reviewed

PlayStation Move drops here on the 21st. Here's what Famitsu thought of the launch lineup:

  • Sports Champion: 8, 8, 7, 8
  • BeatSketch!: 9, 7, 7, 8
  • Kung Fu Riders: 7, 7, 6, 7
  • Me & My Pet: 8, 8, 7, 9
  • Big 3 Gun Shooting: 8, 7, 7, 8

Consult the andriasang.com release calendar -- yes, it's finally been updated! -- for the full Move lineup (except for Move itself -- hardware and so forth will be added to the chart later).

Surely this has to be a mistake.

New Catherine Character Last Names

Famitsu's update on Catherine this week appears to have first looks at three characters: Koyasu, Hirata and Taniyama.

I only have the names for now. And they're family names, so I don't know if they're girls or not.

[Note: These names are actually names of the voice actors. See above for further details.]

Vincent is wondering why anyone with access to an early Catherine article would just drop some random last names.

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No Limited Edition for Gal Gun

You'll be able to shoot girls with your pheromone gun in Alchemist's horribly received Xbox 360 shooter Gal Gun. But you won't be able to do it while stroking your special limited edition box. Famitsu's release schedule has flagged the game's limited edition as cancelled.

You can read everything you'd ever want to know about Gal Gun here.

Will they like you as much when they find out that you only have the standard edition?

Yu-Gi-Oh Set for 3DS

The upcoming issue of Jump has first details on a 3DS version of Yu-Gi-Oh. And that's all we know at the moment! Konami has flagged the game as date TBA for now.

Lots of Square Enix Stuff in Jump

The latest issue of Jump has a whole lot of Square Enix content. Here are some preliminary details:

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
An official look at Tifa.
The 3rd Birthday
Two new characters introduced.
Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII International
It looks like Square Enix is planning a download-only release for this. It will add a gallery mode.
Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Professional
A look at a new underground lake area.

[Update 15:05 -- The Crisis Core and Yugioh reports are fake. The Dissidia and 3rd Birthday stuff is real, though -- see above.]

Tifa made a brief appearance in the Dissidia Tokyo Game Show trailer.

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Rune Factory Oceans Has Giant Battles

In PS3 and Wii's Rune Factory Oceans, you travel across the oceans atop a giant Ymir. You "vessel" isn't the only giant on the seas, though. In addition to picking up submerged islands and sunken ships, your Ymir will get into battles with other giant sea creatures.

The game will also have more conventional battles. You'll take control of your character in real time battles with monsters, making use of a simple control scheme and combo attacks. You have access to weapons like swords and hammers. These can be strengthened via an item synthesis system.

As mentioned below, you'll be able to play the game as Azel (male) and Sonia (female) main characters. However, it looks like you'll be playing the game as both characters initially, then deciding your final preference midway through the adventure. According to producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto, the game is being implemented this way because they want players to experience the game from both sides.

Developed by Neverland Company, Rune Factory Oceans is currently 80% complete and will see PS3 and Wii release on February 24. Famitsu lists the PS3 version as being Move compatible.

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Naruto Ultimate Storm 2 Near Perfect

Famitsu has awarded yet another one of its not-perfect-but-close scores. Naruto Ultimate Heroes 2 took the honors this week with three 10s and a 9.

Also getting a 10 this week was Vanquish. The PS3 and Xbox 360 multiplatform title scored three 9s and a 10.

Other scores:

  • Strike Witches 2 (DS): 7, 6, 8, 6
  • FIFA 11 (PS3/X360): 9, 9, 9, 8
  • Minna de Bouken Family Trainer (wii): 8, 7, 7, 7
  • No More Heroes 2 (Wii): 9, 8, 9, 8
  • Medal of Honor (PS3/X360): 8, 8, 8, 8

Another Century's Episode Portable Gameplay Details

To go along with that list of franchises below, here are some gameplay details on the new PSP installment in Namco Bandai's ACE series.

Different from the scenario-based progression of past entries (the most recent being ACE R for PS3 -- released just this past August), P will be mission-based. Players will be able to select their next mission, playing the missions they want first.

It looks like there will be some rewards for replaying missions, although we're going to have to wait for further details on this area.

As a new element, you'll find recovery points in the areas of play. Head to these areas, and you'll be able to recover your life and your ammo.

As you might have guessed from the lengthy list of franchises, ACE P will have quite a large number of mecha. You'll be able to unlock new machines by earning Ace Points as you clear missions.

The game will retain the three-member team setup of past ACE games. You'll be able to fight alongside two computer-controlled partner mechs, or you and two other players will be able to team up for multiplayer play.

ACE P is due for release on January 13.

This Week's Famitsu

Here's some of what's listed in Famitsu's table of contents this week.

  • Dondake Sports 101 (DS)
  • Shanghai 3D Cube (3DS)
  • Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition (3DS)
  • Another Century's Episode Portable (PSP)
  • Tactics Ogre (PSP)
  • Dear Drops Distortion (PSP)
  • Earth Seeker ( Wii)
  • Marvel VS Capcom 3 (PS3/X360)
  • Catherine (PS3/X360)
  • Ken's Fists of Rage International (PS3)
  • Rune Factory Oceans (PS3/X360)
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix (PSP)
  • Final Fantasy XIV (PS3)

See below for details on some of these games.

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Inazuma Eleven 3 The Ogre Detailed

Coro Coro Comics has first details on Level's Inazuma Eleven 3 followup, Inazuma Eleven 3 Ogre. Amazon first revealed the game over the weekend, listing a December 16 release.

As detailed in Coro Coro, The Ogre will allow players to travel back and forth between the future and the present. You'll end up taking control of Mamoru and friends in a city 80 years in the future. You'll travel to completely new areas that weren't in the game's Spark and Bomber versions, including the heart of a forest and a dangerous area where lava flows.

It also looks like the game will have new gameplay systems. Details will come in a subsequent report.

Date Set for Little Battler Experience

Level-5's long awaited Danbol Senki, aka Little Battler Experience, is due for PSP release on December 2. The game will carry a ¥5,480 price point.

In addition to the date, Coro Coro Comics also says that the game's anime adaptation is scheduled to hit the airwaves in January.

In slightly less exciting Level-5 release date news, Coro Coro reveals a December 9 date for "Atamania Series Mystery Room." This DS title went missing from Level-5's Tokyo Game Show playable list, but it looks like there was no reason for concern.

PSP gets yet another major release later this year. Above, Little Battler Experience screens from the Tokyo Game Show, where the game saw its playable debut.

Level-5's New Baseball Game

A while back, there was some talk of a sengoku or samurai or something baseball game from Level-5. It looks like we're going to be getting details on this mystery project shortly. Coro Coro Comics is promising an upcoming reveal on a new "Level-5 X Baseball Game" Project.

They key term is "project." Level-5's invitation for next week's Level-5 Vision press conference promises details not just on new games, but on new "projects" as well. The term "project" suggests that they're planning on making a big Inazuma Eleven caliber franchise out the baseball game, so expect it to take up a good chunk of time at Tuesday evening's press conference.

[Update 10/16 1:59 -- With exception to the Inazuma Eleven Ogre info, all the Coro Coro Level-5 leaks were false.]

Added 9:33

Another Century's Episode Goes Portable

Following "R," next letter in the Another Century's Episode series is "P." That stands for "Portable," as in PlayStation Portable.

Revealed in this week's Famitsu, Another Century's Episode Portable promises mecha from Gundam OO, Gundam Char's Counterattack, Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion, Overman King Gainer, Blue Comet SPT Layzner, Gundam W Endless Waltz, After War Gundam X, Turn A Gundam, Gundam 0083, VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire, Macross Plus, Macross F and (deep breath) Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN good night, sleep tight, young lovers.

The game is currently 90% complete.

ACE P probably won't look as realistic as ACE R (shown above), but at least you'll be able to carry it with you!

Rune Factory Sequel Set for PS3 and Wii

Marvelous Entertainment's Harvest Moon spinoff series Rune Factory is going multiplatform on PS3 and Wii. This week's Famitsu has a first report on Rune Factory Oceans.

Oceans puts players in control of two main characters, Azel (male) and Sonia (female). You'll experience a fantasy involving love and adventure as you travel across the seas and islands on a giant Ymir that you encounter upon your journey. This giant beast is capable of raising sunken ships and even submerged islands.

The game looks like it will retain many of the elements one expects from Rune Factory. You'll be able to farm on the islands that your Ymir raises above the water. The game will have a real time action battle system with simple controls. You'll also get to experience relationships, even getting married.

In comments shared with the magazine, producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto said that Oceans has been in development for quite some time now and is pretty far along. The reason they chose to make it multiplatform is because they wanted to reach as many users as possible.

Image from Wii's Rune Factory Frontier.

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