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Date Set for Guwange

Cave's next shooter arrives worldwide on November 10.


Cave announced today a final worldwide release date today of November 10 for its next Xbox Live Arcade shooter, Guwange. The game will be priced 800 Microsoft Points in all territories.

In an English language post at the Cave official blog, Cave's Makoto Asada wrote, "I have held a vote of what game should be ported to XBLA and Guwange was the one that become top. And I finally achieved the release of this game. Microsoft, fans and Cave worked together to make it true. I am very pleased about that."

Guwange is a port of a 1999 arcade vertical shooter with a Muromachi era theme. The game's story tells the tale of “Shikigami users”, hosts to ghostly avatars called Shikigami. Instead of using fighter craft to blast away at enemies, Guwange's characters walk directly on the battle field. Each character has a unique story and ending.

For the Xbox Live Arcade release, Cave is including the following modes:

Arcade Mode
An exact port of the arcade version.
Arrange Mode
This mode is adapted for the Xbox 360 controller and is played with both analogue sticks. Your character automatically fires, so you can concentrate on maneuvering.
Arrange (Blue) Mode
A special, more difficult remixed version of the game that was previously shown exclusive at a Tokyo fan event.

The game also includes a number of display options. You can set the game to display score, remaining lives, bombs and other things in separate windows to the side of the main window.

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