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Yakuza Of the End: Meet the Cast

See Kamurocho before and after the zombie attack, and find out how everyone got involved.

Ryuji Goda faces off against something just a bit bigger than a zombie in Yakuza of the End.

Sega shared its first post Tokyo Game Show media blast for Yakuza Of the End today, giving us a better look at the hellish conditions of Kamurocho post zombie invasion, along with a closeup look at the primary cast and their voice actors.

As detailed during TGS, Of the End kicks off in April 2011 (this is probably a hint about when we can expect the game to see release). Zombies (and apparently much more, as suggested by the above image) have appeared in the neon city of Kamurocho, the setting of the past Yakuza games. The Self Defense Force sets up a wall around the city, and everything within turns to hell.



Four "men of great fortitude" rise up to protect the people from the growing zombie infestation. They are Kazuma Kiryu, the former yakuza, Ryuji Goda, the former dragon of Kansai, Goro Majima, the feared one-eyed "mad dog" yakuza, and Shun Akiyama, the mysterious money lender.

These four enter the Kamurocho battle scene for their own various reasons and light the flame of hope in those who have been left behind.


Kazuma Kiryu (CV: Takaya Kuroda)

Kiryu's involvement in Yakuza of the End begins in April 2011, when he receives a phone call from a mysterious man claiming to have kidnapped Haruka.

Goro Majima (CV: Hidenari Ugaki)

Majima enters the scene in March 2011 when he hears some disturbing news about former rival Ryuji Goda. He actually seems to be enjoying the fact that zombies have suddenly appeared in the city.

Shun Akiyama (CV: Koichi Yamadera)

The head of Sky Finance heads to Kamurocho on April 1 alongside his secretary Hana. They're goal is to collect back on a loan, but they end up getting caught up in the zombie incident. (Also shown below is Hana, voiced by Aya Hirano.)

Ryuji Goda (CV: Masami Iwasaki)

Ryuji Goda lost his fight with Kiryu four years back and was expelled from the Omi Family. After this, he wandered around as owner of a takoyaki shop. His wanderings took him to Kamurocho.

Haruka (CV: Rie Kugimiya)

In March 2011, Haruka receives an invitation from Sunflower Orphanage, where she was raised in her youth. She heads off from her present location of Okinawa on her own.

Daigo Dojima (Satoshi Tokushige)

Chairman of the Tojo Clan. In April 2011, he's in attendance at the completion ceremony of Kamurocho Hills. Zombies suddenly appear in the event space and he takes to hiding in a shopping mall within the Kamurochi Hills facility.

Tetsuo Nikaido (Kouji Matoba)

Chairman of the Go-Ryu Clan, and admirer and right once right hand man of Ryuji Goda, the former "dragon of Kansai." In March 2011, Nikaido is seen visiting Goda.

Tomoaki Nagahama (Tetta Sugimoto)

A member of Majima Family, he joined the yakuza out of his admiration for Kazuma Kiryu. He's well informed about the happenings of Kamurocho. In April 2011, as the zombies attack, Tomoaki has a fated meeting with Akiyama.

Misuzu Asaki (Chiaki Kuriyama)

A member of the self defense force. She's sent out to Kamurocho to protect the wall that surrounds it. Her fellow soldiers get turned into zombies, leaving her all alone in the infected area.

Oya-san (Renji Ishibashi)

Oya-san has run a tako yaki shop for many years. He's so stubborn that he was unable to keep pupils for a lengthy period and thus had difficulty finding a successor. This all changes with the arrival of Ryuji Goda, who serves as his pupil and is selected to be his successor. With the April 2011 zombie attack, Oya-san disappears.

DD (Peter)

DD is a mysterious Japanese American who wears a full white suit that doesn't quite match the paranoia of the sealed off Kamurocho. Is he an enemy or an ally?


Sega hasn't shared details on Of the End's combat system aside from what can be discerned from the Tokyo Game Show trailer (see this story for that).

As previously revealed, the characters all have their specialty weapons. Kiryu uses his Anti Materiel Rifle. Majima uses a shot gun. Akiyama uses twin guns. Goda uses a his gatling arm. It looks like the guns will be interchangeable, though.

Here are some screens showing the primary cast facing off against the attacking zombies.

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