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Tengai Makyo Ziria, Gradius II Hit PSN Next Week

More PC Engine classics next week, but first some PlayStation titles.


PS3 and PSP owners have more PC Engine retro fun to look forward to soon on the Game Archives download service. Hudson will be bringing Tengai Makyo Ziria to the service on October 20. Konami will deliver Gradius II Gofer no Yabou (also known as Vulcan Venture) on the same day. Both PC Engine CD classics will be priced ¥800.

This week, the Game Archives will see a bunch of PlayStation titles. Here's what's available today:

  • Noon (GungHo Online Entertainment, ¥600)
  • Dragon Money (GungHo Online Entertainment, ¥600)
  • Memorial Series Sunsoft Vol.4 (Sunsoft, ¥600)
  • Saikyou Ginsei Mahjong (Hamster, ¥600)
  • Salary Man Champ Tatakau Salary Man (Hamster, ¥600)
  • SuperLite 1500 Series Quiz Master Yellow (Hamster, ¥300)
  • Shin Megamitensei Devil Children Black/Red (Index Holdings, ¥600)

The official publisher for Devil Children is "Index Holdings" rather than Atlus. The PlayStation.jp software catalogue listing for the game says that as of 10/1, games published under the Atlus and Sting name are now listed in the catalogue under the Index Holdings name. It's unclear if this means there will be any changes in logos on the packaging of future retail releases.

Tengai Makyo Ziria

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