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Gran Turismo 5 Pushed Back

Anticipated racer suffers another delay, but still on track for the year.

This is going to have to wait just a bit...

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced today a delay in the release of the highly anticipated Gran Turismo 5. The game was originally scheduled to ship here on November 3, but now has a general "2010 year-end sales season" time frame.

Sony did not give a specific reason for the delay, citing only production issues.

The game was scheduled to ship both on its own at ¥7,980, and bundled with a 160 gigabyte PlayStation 3 for ¥35,980. The delay, of course, affects both versions of the system.

A retailer accidentally marked the game with a 2099 release time frame in this sign from back in May. GT5 has suffered multiple delays.

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