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Solatorobo Challenges Guinness Record with Commercial Campaign

Namco Bandai plans to air over 100 commercials in eight hour period.


Want to see some footage of Tail Concerto spiritual sequel Solatorobo? I have a feeling you'll be able to get your fix by tuning into Tokyo MX TV on October 21.

Namco Bandai announced today a promotion that will see 100 different commercials for the game broadcast over an eight hour period on the station. The commercials will begin airing at 15:00 and will run through 23:00.

This is all part of an attempt at challenging a Guinness World Record. According to Namco Bandai, there's a record at hand for broadcasting 100 different commercials for the same product in 8 hours.

The theme of the commercials is an encyclopedia of Solatorobo information. The various spots introduce viewers to the various areas of the game. Main character Red is introduced in volume 3. Did you know that the entire game world takes place on a floating island below which lies a sea of killer plasma? You'll find this out in volume 12.

Namco Bandai has made the first 20 spots available for viewing at the official site. More commercials will be posted online later.

Solatorobo is set for October 28 release.

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