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The Last Story Has Changeable Clothing

Switch out costumes, even if the character designer didn't initially approve.

Perhaps the one on the right will one day get to feel what it's like to wear a shirt.

There's one tiny bit I forgot to mention in my summary of the latest Iwata Asks column for The Last Story. In the column, character designer and concept artist Kimihiko Fujisaka reveals that you can change your characters' clothing.

While not getting too specific on the types of clothing that will be on offer, Fujisaka said that using this feature, you'll be able to view the game's major scenes with your characters wearing some pretty unbelievable outfits.

This is one particular feature that Fujisaka apparently wasn't too happy with at first. He felt troubled when director Hironobu Sakaguchi first set the goal of allowing character clothing to be changeable. The reason is that he initially designed the clothing to match the characters. In retrospect, though, he seems to be happy with the feature.

Sakaguchi described the process of making the various clothing parts that players can mix and match as being somewhat like a puzzle.

This discussion of clothing came as part of a greater discussion of how The Last Story gives players a large amount of freedom. This is reflected in game's event camera system -- or lack thereof, as the game does not actually force your sights on major happenings.

You can read more about this and other areas of the game in the full summary.

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