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Cyberfront Readying Music-themed Adventure Game for PSP

Deardrops Distortion making the trip over from PC, presumably minus the adult content.


Cyberfront announced today Deardrops Distortion, a PSP adaptation of a PC adult adventure game called Deardrops. Released in June of this year, the original Deardrops proved to be a big hit for publisher Overdive, with over 20,000 sales.

Deardrops has a musical theme. You find yourself residing in a live house called "Live house 696." Through your band activity with the Deardrops band, you'll end up building relationships with a variety of other characters.

The game has four targetable heroines, each with a particular music talent and personality. Typical of an adventure game, most of the gameplay side of the experience involves making selections during dialogue, leading to branching points in the scenario.

Event scenes are from PC version.
Event scenes are from PC version.

For the PSP version, Cyberfront is upping the game volume by 30% through newly written scenarios. The game will have 20 additional pieces of event artwork and a newly recording ending song.

PSP screenshot of Deardrops.

Look for Deardrops Distortion on January 27 in standard (¥6,090) and limited (¥8,715) versions. The limited edition includes a special "guitar head case" for your PSP and a vocal CD.

For a look at the characters and the PC version's opening introduction, visit the newly opened official site.

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