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Your Rune Factory Oceans Bonus Item

Marvelous readying a drama CD and visual book for early buyers.


Marvelous Entertainment is way ahead of the game when it comes to promotions for Rune Factory Oceans. The company has already announced an early buyers bonus item for the game.

Those who rush to pick up the game on February 24, 2011 -- yes, four months from now -- will receive an item called "Rune Marukajiri Visual Book." This includes an original drama CD, an art and setting image collection, a collection of illustrations from guest illustrators, and a beginners guide to the Rune Factory series.

("Marukajiri" is the term for eating a fruit whole rather than cutting it up. I think I know what they mean by using it here, but I'm not sure what to translate it as.)

If you've never heard the name "Rune Factory Oceans" before, don't feel too bad. The game was just officially announced today through Famitsu and Famitsu.com. You can get all the details here

Marvelous also also opened an official site for the game. Expectedly, it's in a teaser state, but it does have some adorable character art showing your character's female and male sides.

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