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Kazunori Yamauchi Briefly Explains Gran Turismo 5's Delay

Producer does not expect delay to take game beyond end of year.

Kaz does his best to explain GT5's delay via Twitter.

Sony didn't give much of an explanation when it announced Gran Turismo 5's delay yesterday. For something a bit more solid (just a bit), we turn to series producer Kazunori Yamauchi himself.

Returning to Twitter for the first time since September 22, Yamauchi apologized to fans today and explained that the reason for the delay was that it was taking some time to finalize some of the game's more complicated systems. Apologizing again (two apologies in the same Tweet!), he asked that players wait a bit more.

Yamauchi quickly followed up this apology with some good news for those worrying that this is actually a stealth delay to 2011. A follower pleaded with him to get the game out by the end of the year. "I believe we won't keep you waiting until then," replied Yamauchi.

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