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The First Step for the Next "A Hideo Kojima Game."

Kojima holds a meeting with core staffers for the next game he's going to put his name on.


It looks like Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has reached somewhat of a milestone for the next game big enough to carry his name.

Tweeted Kojima earlier today, "Had our first meeting for the next 'A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME' with the core team members today. Some member are also participating on 'RISING' so 10 people total this time. We will have a meeting every morning to discuss planning, testing, research, and scouting. An open environment to talk about important issues and share our dreams and concept for the project."

Kojima didn't get into the details on just what this game is. But if the team for the next "A Hideo Kojima Game" is meeting for the first time just now, we may have to wait a bit for specifics.

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