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Catherine Official Site Refreshed

New screens and details as site gets a make over.


Atlus gave the Catherine official site a major refresh today. The site has a brand new layout with sections for "introduction," "staff & cast," "character," "movie" and "game system."

Of these, only the "character" section has new content. You'll find profiles for the three primary cast members along with a bunch of screenshots.

Among the areas that may be new in the profiles, the site lists Vincent's occupation as SE, which I presume means "software engineer." Catherine's profession is listed as "???". Katherine's profession is, as previously revealed, in the apparel industry.

When you first enter the site, you're asked to answer a question: "Is there such a thing as a night you'd like to forget?" (I'm not sure of the proper English phrase for this -- but basically, you do something that you regret the next day.) If you want to answer yes, select the left response. Select no via the right response. You'll get a slightly different design for the site depending on your choice.

The Catherine official blog was also updated today with a progress report on the ongoing Catherine Twitter contest.

As detailed last week, the Catherine team wants you to fill in the blanks in a phrase describing the game. The winning responses will receive a promotional poster.

Apparently, 60% of all responses have have erotic tones.

What in the world could be causing such a skew?

Win this poster by coming up with a creative description.

For the latest on Catherine -- the game, and not the promotions -- see this week's flying get article which has a summary of Famitsu's latest preview.

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