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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd's New Quest Systems

Temporary pouch, barrel delivery service, lure fishing, and other convenient features to help you on your quests.


Capcom gave the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd official site a big update today. The new content was shared in magazines last week (see this story for a summary) but now everyone can get a look.

Portable 3rd features a number of new and updated gameplay systems that should help make your quests go more smoothly. Here's what's introduced at the official site:

Temporary Pouch

Your temporary pouch can hold up to eight items, separate from your standard item pouch. It's given to you exclusively for your quests. At the end of your quest, the items within are transferred to your house's item box. When you have one of these, you can start off your quest with more items in your standard pouch.

Lure Fishing

There's no need for bait when you use this fishing system! To use lure fishing, press circle. If you want to use the standard bait fishing, select your bait from the item menu, then press square to begin.

Popup Icons

The game shows popup icons in places on the fields where you can take actions, such as climbing. In the event that you need to use an item to trigger the action, an icon for the item will pop up. If you don't have the required item, the icon will be marked with an X.

Barrel Delivery Service

While out on a quest, you can have Nyantaro send some of your items back to your home item box. This can only be used once per quest.

The site also put up profiles for new subspecies of Qurupeco, Barroth and Royal Ludroth.



Royal Ludroth

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