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Meet Your Malicious Female Protagonist

Plus, the latest gameplay details for Avlion's packed PS3 action title.


There's been some talk for the past couple of weeks of Malicious having a female protagonist. Now thanks to Famitsu.com, we have our first look at the new character:

The female protagonist plays the same as the originally announced male protagonist. There's actually a good reason for this. In Malcious, the main character is actually a spirit who's been sent to this world to subdue all the bad guys. You can set the gender of your physical form to your preference.

Famitsu's preview also provided a look at some additional areas of the game, including three bosses:

Book Hound

A powerful boss that you fight in a library. He's more agile than his massive size would suggest.

Fist Golem

You face off against this beast in the royal plaza. It uses its massive fist for attacks.

Gatling Commander

This boss attacks with its lance, but it also has long range attacks.

Your character is well equipped for dealing with these bosses and their minions. Here's a glimpse at your arsenal:

Six Level Jump

Many games will give you two or three levels for your jump. In Malicious, you have a six level jump. You can use this to evade enemy attack, and can also jump over enemies to attack from above.

Wall Run

You can defy gravity and run on walls. Famitsu's preview says that movement on walls is the same as movement on the ground.

Counter Attack

If you have the correct skill equipped, you'll be able to perform counterattacks against certain bosses. (It was previously revealed that your character gains access to skills from defeated bosses, but we've yet to get specifics on how you'll equip those skills.)


Your main form of attack in Malicious is your magic cape. As previously detailed, it can transform into a variety of forms, examples being fists, a sphere, a shield, and a sword. The cape will change forms in mid combo.

Aura System

As you defeat enemies or guard against attacks, you'll gather aura. This can be depleted to heal your HP and power your character up. You can power up three levels, although at higher level, the aura depletes faster.

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