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How To Get Super Street Fighter IV's New Arrange Costumes

Capcom outlines the steps for obtaining the new download content.

Selecting Alternative 3 following the title update.

The first costume pack in Super Street Fighter IV's second round of download content will be available on the 26th. This time, you're going to have to do just a bit of preparation if you want to get those new Ultra Arrange Costumes in your copy of the game.

On the 26th, Capcom will make available a title update. Boot up your copy of Super while connected online, and the game will automatically update to the new code. The update is mandatory.

New costumes that you've purchased from Xbox Live Marketplace or PlayStation Store will appear in the character select screen as Alternate 3 or Alternate 2, depending on the character. It should be noted that, different from the original set of costume packs, whose data was already on the disc, the Ultra Arrange costumes are physically downloaded to your system when purchased, so you'll need to have ample space (Capcom hasn't said how much just yet).

So what happens if you want to play against a player who's using a costume you haven't purchased? In this case, you'll see a message stating that the costume the player has selected does not exist, and you'll end up fighting against the default costume. This also applies to the Replay Channel mode.

Xbox 360 owners will be able to remedy this situation via a free "Catalogue" item. Once this is downloaded, costumes you haven't purchased will appear in fights and Replay Channel bouts. The Catalogue will be released in two sets, one on 10/26 (includes Challengers Pack 1, Shoryuken Pack, and Beauty Pack) and one on 12/21 (includes Challengers Pack 2, Gowan Pack, Shadaloo Pack, and Classic Pack).

The Super SFIV official site and official blog don't make any mention of this catalogue begin released for PlayStation 3 owners.

From the first costume pack.
From the first costume pack.

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