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Hero 30 Second Demo Hits in November

Producer encourages players to make sure they clear the original first.


We haven't heard too much about Hero 30 Second since its delay was announced in early September. But we'll probably be hearing a lot more about it shortly, as a demo is set to hit PSN on November 4.

Producer Kenichiro Takagi announced the date at the Hero 30 Second official blog today.

In previous blog posts, Takagi said that the demo would allow players to sample the final version's prologue and would introduce the various new game systems and characters. We can expect about 40 minutes play time, along with an option for importing save data to the final version.

A bit mysteriously, Takagi suggested that before playing the Hero 30 Second demo, players make sure they've cleared the original Hero 30 (Half-Minute Hero).

Takagi also said that, coinciding with the demo, Marvelous will be giving the game's official site a refresh and will also be releasing new information through magazines.

Older screenshots of Hero 30 Second.

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