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Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy: Third Forms and Assist Moves

The latest on Square Enix's highly anticipated sequel.

The latest on Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy, courtesy of V Jump.

Like the original Dissidia Final Fantasy, all characters in sequel Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy have a second costume that's known as their "Another Form" costume. But Duodecim adds a third costume, known as "Third Form." An upcoming issue of monthly V Jump has first details on the various Third Forms and a gameplay update.

Cloud's Third Form costume is a design from Yoshitaka Amano. Cecil wears a white costume that comes from the DS remake of Final Fantasy IV. Golbez sports his Final Fantasy IV The After look. Sephiroth's Third Form appears to be his unaltered FFVII costume.

The magazine also provides its first look at Tifa, although the details appear to be the same as what appeared in the most recent issue of sister publication Shounen Jump. As previously detailed, Tifa does not remember Cloud, and she sports her Advent Children costume as her "Another Form." The magazine does not show her "Third Form" outfit.

On the gameplay front, V Jump has an updated look at the game's Assist Change system. As previously detailed, this new system lets players call out an assist character to cover incoming damage or perform special attacks on opponents. Using these drain your Assist Gauge -- one slot for the defensive move, two slots for the attack move.

V Jump provides first details on the "Assist Lock" and "Assist Charge" abilities. Assist Lock allows you temporarily prevent your opponent from using an Assist. You perform this move by striking your opponent's Assist character when it's been called out to the battle field. Assist Charge instantly fills your Assist Gauge. It occurs when you counter an incoming attack while your HP is low or just ahead of a Break.

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