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God Eater Burst's Reversible Jacket

Select your own main visual.


God Eater Burst is being released in two versions: standard and append. The standard version stands on its own and is for new eaters. The append version is a budget upgrade for owners of the original God Eater.

The two versions have a unique main visual for their box art. Here's the standard Burst's main visual, which you'll probably recognize from past artwork:

It's referred to he "Hannibal Version" because it features Hannibal, a new Aragami beast that was added to Burst. As detailed at the God Eater Burst official blog, the package is meant to show both the old and new. The main characters are wearing equipment from the original God Eater, indicating that Burst includes everything from that version. The lady who's jumping with guns blaring represents what's new for Burst.

Here's the append version's main visual:

This one is called Susano Version. The Susano Aragami was given to buyers of the original as a pre-order download content bonus. Its use on the Burst packaging is meant to show that the game includes all the original's DLC.

There's no need for disappointment if you don't like the main visual that Namco Bandai has selected for your version of the game. The packaging is reversible.

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