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Time Travelers Added to Level-5 Vision Exhibit List

Annual press conference kicks off tomorrow.

This is all we've seen of Time Travelers. Level-5 has not announced the platform.

Level-5 has made somewhat of a stealth update to its Level-5 Vision 2010 official site, swapping out Inazuma Eleven Strikers for Time Travelers. Why Inazuma Eleven Strikers was removed is unclear, but the appearance of Time Travelers means we could be getting our first look at the Jiro Ishii project since its April announcement.

As present, the Level-5 Vision press conference lineup has the following seven games confirmed for showing: Ni no Kuni (PS3), Ni no Kuni (DS), Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (3DS), Fantasy Life (DS), Little Battler eXperience (PSP/Mobile), Mystery Room (DS) and Time Travelers (platform TBA). Level-5 will also show its Roid mobile portal in some capacity.

The official site also promises four new title announcements. It's possible that at least one of these will be Inazuma Eleven 3: The Ogre, which has appeared in retail listings but has yet to be formally announced by Level-5.

The current Level-5 Vision lineup.

The 2010 installment of the Level-5 Vision press conference will be held on the evening of the 19th in Shinagawa. Keep up with all Level-5 Vision news and media at this topic page.

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