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One Million Social Monster Hunters

Mobile entry in Monster Hunter series reaches one million users a couple of months after its release.


Monster Hunter continues to prove a success regardless of the genre or platform. The latest success story for the franchise is Monhan Diary Mobile Felyne Village, a mobile entry that runs on DeNA's popular Mobage Town service. The game has topped the one million member mark since its August 10 release.

Capcom first mobile social game, Monhan Diary Mobile Felyne Village shares a theme with the recent like-named franchise offshoot for PSP. Players get to experience life as the franchise's Felyne mascot characters who, in the main Monster Hunter games, accompany on your hunts. In the free-to-play mobile version, players cooperate to build up a village.

A statement from Capcom today read "In addition to the lovable characters and the heartwarming world, the accessibility of the game itself as well as its communication-rich social aspects has helped this supplementary social game reach and surpass the one million user mark in unprecedented speed. An effective promotional campaign has also helped to attract not only fans of the Monster Hunter series, but new users as well."

To help push the game even further, Capcom is holding a "friend introduction campaign." Players who introduce their Mobagetown friends to the game will receive points which can be exchanged for in-game items.

Monhan Diary Mobile was in the headlines back in late August as it crossed the half million mark 17 days following its release.

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