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Yasumi Matsuno Gets His Tactics Ogre On

The man behind the franchise tries out the new PSP version direct off UMD.

Tactics Ogre: Let of Cling Together is a PSP remake of a Super Nintendo classic.

Being the guy most directly associated with the Tactics Ogre franchise has a few advantages. Earlier today, Yasumi Matsuno managed to get his hands on a build of PSP's Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. He quickly put the test UMD, known as a "Proof," into his PSP-3000 and delivered impressions via his Twitter.

This was apparently Matsuno's first time trying the game on UMD, as he says it's not possible to sample in-development games on the optical format. With the switch to UMD, he expecting the load times to take a hit compared to his past tests. However, he was surprised with the game's loading speed. It takes just about one second to switch from the world map to the battle field. And this was without data install!

Matsuno later tried out the game's data installation option. This took up 665 megabytes. With the install, the transitions were even faster.

Tactics Ogre buyers will have the option of going the UMD route (¥5,980) or the download route (¥4,980) come November 11.

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