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Malicious Arrives Next Week

Finally, a release date for Alvion's eye catching downloadable PlayStation 3 action title.


Alvion has been feeding us little bits and pieces on its downloadable PlayStation 3 action title Malicious for months now, but but we never got an indication of when we'd get to play the game. Today, Gemaga provided a final release date. Malicious will be available on the 27th, priced at ¥800.

The magazine made the announcement via its Twitter feed. They wrote: "We were able to play a development version. The character movement and stage formation are particularly unique. For ¥800, we definitely recommend it."

With the date now set, we'll hopefully be able to look forward to some full resolution media from Alvion. Thus far, most of the game's coverage has been restricted to Famitsu and Famitsu.com.

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Following Gemaga's date announcement, Alvion updated the game's official site with the info and also shared a third trailer for the game. View the clip here:

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