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Square Enix Seeking Final Fantasy Versus XIII Planners

Help them finish making Versus. Please help them finish making Versus!


Square Enix seems to be serious about this whole Final Fantasy Versus XIII thing. In fact, to speed up completion of the project, they're taking the extraordinary measure of actually hiring new staff.

A visual from a recruitment page off the Square Enix site:

The notice says that Square Enix is seeking a large number of planners for Versus XIII. There are two specific listings: battle planner and level design planner.

Battle planner requires such work as creation of enemy characters for an action RPG, "creation of the battle concept for each chapter, field and dungeon," formation of "enemy character algorithms, parameter settings and other data work," and management of graphics resources. This position asks for people with experience making PS3 and Xbox 360 package games and those with knowledge of battles and level creation.

Level design planner requires such work as "development of action games" and "creation of level design based off the scenario." This position requires that candidates have experience making action games.

Both jobs are out of Square Enix's Shinjuku studio.

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