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Let's Play Guess the Localization With Spike

Kenka Bancho publisher also big on localizations, and they want you to guess the next title.

Spike's previous localization contest resulted in Metro 2033 and a survey indicating that Japanese players are split between dubs and subs.

Spike is going to be announcing its latest localization project some time next month, and they want fans to take their best guess at the identity of the game.

Those who Tweet the correct name through October 31 will be entered into a drawing for such items as:

    [li]A ¥5000 PSN ticket or 3500 Microsoft Point card (one person)[/li]

    [li]A Spike original t-shirt (two people)[/li]

    [li]A Spike original notebook and ballpoint pen (seven people)[/li]


    See the contest page for further specifics if you'd like to participate.

    This seems to be a completely blind contest, as there's no indication at the contest page of the nature of the title.

    Spike's localization work has included THQ's 2K series, Red Faction, Metro 2033 and Sacred 2. The publisher previously worked on games like Tomb Raider and Kane & Lynch, but these are now handled directly by Square Enix.

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