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Latest Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Beasts

Even more newcomer monsters for the upcoming smash hit.


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd has a whole lot of new monsters. Capcom introduced a bunch last week (see this story for a look). Today, a look at three more mammoth creatures that will be making their series debut in December.

As with last week's update, I've used this Monster Hunter Wiki for the names. In many cases, the English language names for the monsters haven't been officially announced, so what you're seeing is just a direct transliteration of the Japanese (that's why they may be a bit tough to pronounce).

For Japanese language details on these monsters, see Capcom's official text at 4gamer.

Rangurotora (ラングロトラ), Red Shell Beast

Hapurubokka (ハプルボッカ), Latent Mouth Wyvern

Tigrex Subspecies (ティガレックス亜種), Black Roaring Wyvern

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