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Time Travelers Set for 3DS

Level-5 announces the platform, shares first screens, and introduces two characters for its first ever suspense title.


The mystery platform for Time Travelers has at long last been announced. At a press conference today in Tokyo, Level-5 announced that the game is in development for 3DS. As release date has yet to be set.

Time Travelers was originally announced in April. Much of the buzz surrounding the game centered on the involvement of Jiro Ishii, who had joined Level-5 to work on the game following such critically acclaimed titles as 428 for Chunsoft. Ishii is the director of Time Travelers, with Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino serving as producer.

At the time of the original announcement, Level-5 did not list the game's platform. It did hint that the game would be released on an as yet unreleased platform, causing many to speculate, correctly it seems, 3DS.

Joining the platform announcement, Level-5 shared some images and a few details on the game.

Taking a central role in the game are two characters: Skeleton, a terrorist who knows the future, and Mikoto Shinmichi, a girl who also knows the future.

Skeleton (left) and Mikoto (right).

The game will be a "time travel suspense" set in a world of a grand scale. At press conference, Hino noted that this will be the first time Level-5 has released a suspense game.

Ishii appeared at the press conference alongside Hino. He promised a story driven game that would not let fans of his work down. He also alluded to new game systems that will help make the game appeal to more people.

Both Ishii and Hino appeared confident that the game will sell well, with Hino referring to it as a 500,000 or million level title.

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