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Fantasy Life Does the Platform Swap to 3DS

Level-5 switches the platform and picks up Yoshitaka Amano for the game's image illustration.


One of Level-5's long missing DS games reemerged at the Level-5 Vision 2010 press conference today. Level-5 announced that Fantasy Life has been reworked into a 3DS release.

First announced at last year's Level-5 Vision, Fantasy Earth is being developed by RPG specialists Brownie Brown. Players create an avatar as their in-game character and, as the name suggests, experience life in a fantasy world.

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The screenshots in these old articles are all from the DS version, of course. On the 3DS, the game has been switched to 3D visuals.

Also new for the 3DS is a tie-up with another Final Fantasy veteran. Level-5 also announced that Final Fantasy illustrator Yoshitaka Amano will be designing the game's image illustration.

It was previously revealed that Fantasy Earth would have a musical component from Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. This was actually one of the main highlights of the game at last year's press conference, as Uematsu said he's be crafting 21 "life songs" which would serve as ending themes for the various lives you can experience in the game. (For further details, see this story).

The reborn Fantasy Life is being targeted for 2011 release. The game's official site has yet to be updated with the new details announced at Level-5 Vision.

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