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PS3 DVR Kit Tops 400,000 Units

Sony planning additional functionality updates.

Torne's dynamic interface is considered one of its best features. The interface was created by Sony's game development staff.

We've been hearing for months that Sony's "Torne" PlayStation E3 digital video recording kit has been a success, but we never got solid sales figures to back the claim up. Today, Sankei news delivered something a bit more solid.

According to the site, from April to September, the ¥9,980 device sold 420,000 units.

Torne was actually released in March. The site did not provide specific life to date figure. However, initial sales in late March appeared to be strong, suggesting that the device may have actually topped the half million mark.

Similar to the PlayStation 3 itself, Sony has been upgrading Torne's functionality. In late June, it released the device's first major firmware update, which added triple speed recording and the ability to watch programs while recording.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio's creative director Manabu Nishizawa hinted at more updates for the device, telling Sankei that Sony is reading additional functionality for the end of year.

Torne features in Sony's year end hardware plans as well. The company will be bundling the device with a high capacity PlayStation 3. (Further details here).

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