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So Who Came Up with This Layton VS Ace Attorney Thing Anyway?

Akihiro Hino and Shu Takumi promise greatness from crossover title.


The big announcement from yesterday's Level-5 Vision was Layton Kyouju VS Gyakuten Saiban. That's what we elites call Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney, the totally unexpected crossover pairing Capcom and Level-5's respective puzzle and courtroom drama franchises. The new 3DS game features Professor Layton mixing it up with Ace Attorney hero Phoenix Wright in a world where being a witch is something to be persecuted over.

So who came up with this wild idea? We're not sure where the whole witch thing came from, but the idea of a collaboration between the two franchises came from Level-5. During the game's brief introduction at Level-5 Vision (summed up at Famitsu.com), Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino said that he himself took the project idea to Capcom. "I didn't think they'd give it the okay," said Hino. He added, jokingly, "I know there are many fans who are waiting for Ace Attorney 5, so is this really okay?"

Ace Attorney series designer Shu Takumi is heading up scenario work on the new project. He also appeared at the press conference and said that while he was surprised upon hearing the project idea, he was also excited as it would be his first crossover title.

Regarding Takumi's role in the game, Hino said "We have Mr. Takumi working closely on the project. Looking at it as an Ace Attorney game, it will look like the real thing. Looking at it as a Professor Layton game, it will look like the real thing. With this collaboration between two titles, we're aiming to make an even bigger title."

Takumi got in the final world at the presentation, saying "With the cooperation of Level-5, we hope to deliver a game that exceeds everyone's expectations."

For all that's known about Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney at present, see this preview article from the press conference.

More details on the new game should be coming shortly. Famitsu.com says that its print counterpart Weekly Famitsu will have a full report on the game in this week's issue.

The magazine will also have a dialogue between Akihiro Hino and Capcom head of development Keiji Inafune. First hints of a collaboration between Capcom and Level-5 came prior to the Tokyo Game Show when Inafune mentioned a tie-up project of some form in an interview (full details on that here).

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