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Trouble Witches Set for Xbox 360

Doujin shooter getting a new character for download XLA release.

From the PC version of Trouble Witches.

SNK Playmore is readying an Xbox Live Arcade of Trouble Witches, aka The Tombooyish Witches. Famitsu has a first look this week at the new game, Trouble Witches Neo.

Trouble Witches originates as a 2007 PC-based side scrolling shoot-em-up from doujin maker Studio Sierra. A 2009 arcade version followed using Taito's Type X2 arcade board. You can get more details in this Hardcore Gaming article.

The 360 version will retain all the elements of the original games, but SNK Playmore is adding a new character, Sakurako Kujou, bringing the cast to 8. Aside from that, the game is also promising some form of Xbox Live support and exclusive modes of play.

A release is set for winter at 800 Microsoft Points. The screens on this page are from the PC version.

From the PC version of Trouble Witches.
From the PC version of Trouble Witches.

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