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Layton vs Ace Attorney Official Site Opens

More artwork, story details and the first trailer for the impossible collaboration.


The Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney official site opened today right on schedule, and -- surprise surprise -- it has a good amount of content!

The site has four sections:


This describes the basic background story, which was detailed yesterday. Labyrinth City is controlled by Story Teller. Layton and Phoenix Wright, who've wandered into this world, must challenge the world's puzzles and contradictions.


The movie at the site was released yesterday at the Level-5 Vision press conference. You can view a YouTube version here. Keep in mind when watching it that the press conference was hosted by Level-5, so most were probably assuming it was a new Layton game until Phoenix Wright popped up.

In the trailer, Professor Layton is shown interrogating a girl, accusing her of using her magic to bring calamity to the town. She insists that she's not a witch. Layton asks, "Then why do you know the content of a book that you could not have read?"

This is where Phoenix Wright makes his surprise appearance, shouting "Objection!" and telling Layton that there's a big contradiction in his argument.

Towards the end, we see the girl from the stand saying that she will likely be killed, as it was written as so in the book (by the Story Teller). Phoenix Wright says that he won't allow things to happen according to the book. Layton, calling Wright "Mr. Naruhodo" (Naruhodo is Wright's Japanese name), says that he believes they've made a serious error.

Concept Art

These are larger versions of the art that was released yesterday:

The guy with the pen is Story Teller. It is said that all the stories he writes become real happenings.

The caption for the above pic says "The four people who met at in the different world will challenge the hidden 'secrets' of this town.

PV Cut

This section has just a couple of still pics from the promotional video:

The caption for the above says "Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton's courtroom drama surrounding the girl's crimes begins."

And this is our witch. She's apparently looking out upon a burning city (which is the kind of thing a witch will do.)

Game Introduction

This section has videos introducing the Layton and Ace Attorney series.

The official site lists the game's genre as "Puzzle Solving and Courtroom Adventure." As detailed yesterday, no release date has been set.

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