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The Last Story: Second Trailer

Our first time seeing The Last Story since it was revealed to be a true Hironobu Sakaguchi joint.


The second trailer for Hironobu Sakaguchi's self directed The Last Story is just a bit different from the first one.

You can view both trailers here. First, the first trailer, released in July.

Now the second trailer, released today via the Everyone's Nintendo Channel:

The emphasis is on story this time around. There's not a bit of gameplay.

The trailer begins with a guy with short hair walking up to a slightly apprehensive hooded person and asking if he's by himself.

It then cuts to a scene of Elza's mercenaries. Quark, the mercenary leader, reports that he's just found a new employer, something that pleases the extremely underdressed Seiren. Manamia, the girl with the bow in her hair, asks, very politely, "Who is the new employer?" Quark resopnds: Count Arganon, lord of the island. Apparently, the island has a demon problem, and it's up to Elza and crew to deal with the situation.

As the trailer comes to an end, we visit the same scene from the opening. This time, the conversation continues. "Are you by yourself?" asks the guy with the short hair. He continues, "So am I," then takes the hand of the hooded person.

Nintendo Channel trailers are usually followed by official site updates, so we'll hopefully get some additional online content later this week.

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