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The Merits Of Punishment in Criminal Girls

Nippon Ichi shares specifics on the punishment component of its new PSP RPG.


With just a month until release, Nippon Ichi has at long last gotten to the specifics regarding Criminal Girls' "punishment system."

But before we outline the types of punishments and the benefits of being a stern instructor, let's take another look at the girls you'll be punishing.

In Criminal Girls, seven girls have been sent to "the tower of hell." It's your job to lead them to the top of the tower and make them ready for reintegration into the real world.

Those seven girls are:

Kisaragi and Yuko

Sako and Arisu

Tomoe, Shin and Ran

Nippon Ichi also shared artwork for two additional girls today:

The girl to the left is Miu, full name Miu Manase (CV: Mutsumi Tamura). Miu is your boss. She has an extremely sadistic personality. She will supervise and support you as you lead the girls to recovery.

As for the silhouetted girl, Nippon Ichi provide a screenshot revealing her name to be Himekami. She will appear before the girls as they make their way up the tower. Is she friend or foe? We'll have to wait for the next update on the game to find out.


In the event that you find the girls behaving badly or not cooperating, they will need to be punished.

Kisaragi and Ran are not cooperating.

You first select the girl you'd like to punish using this convenient pointer interface:

Then, Punish Time! The actual punishment appears to involve pressing buttons with good timing.

By punishing the girls, you'll get them to open up their hearts and could gain access to special skills for the girls to use during battle. See below for additional merits.

Before punishing the girls, you have to select the type of punishment you'd like to perform. You gain access to additional punishments as you obtain special "tools."

The punishment scenes are fully voiced. The girls will say such things as "I'm not resisting. Why are you picking on me?" and "This fluid... where are you hitting me with it?" It gets much worse, so Nippon Ichi suggests that you keep the headphones on for the game.

You should also probably make sure people can't see over your shoulder, as this is what will be on your screen:


There are various merits to punishing the girls. Here are a few that Nippon Ichi highlighted:

Merit 1: Build Mind and Body

As you punish the girls, they will change. Initially, they won't fight and won't listen to your commands. Following a few punishment rounds, they'll be more cooperative. Also, their HP, ATK and other such RPG parameters will rise following punishment.

Here, Sako refuses to cooperate, so you punish her. Following a spanking, she promises to behave and her attack strength goes up.

Merit 2: Add To Your Battle Arsenal

In the Criminal Girls battle system, the girls give you suggestions in each turn about possible moves to take, and you make the final decision. As you punish the girls throughout the game, the variety of their suggestions will increase. Eventually, those same girls who refused to fight will be teaming up for cooperative attacks.

In these screens, Alice gets a level up following a spanking and also unlocks "Fight Level 1." Moves are shown in a move chart apparently sorted according to punishment type. Sako's chart to the right shows, under the "Spanking" column, a two-person cooperative fight command, a command named "Lucky Punch" and an attack power status modifier move.

The moves the girls propose to you during battle can be split into three broad categories:

Standard attacks against enemies. Although the girls will initially only fight on their own, after some punishment they'll team up for two, three and even four member cooperative attacks. With a four member cooperative attack, you can take out enemies in a single turn.
These commands affect the status of other party members and enemies. The girls have access to different support methods. Some will strengthen allies. Others will steal items from enemies. Sako has her "Sako Charge" move which gives an ally 100 times the attack strength. Kisaragi has her Treasure Hunt move which steals treasure from an enemy.
Here, the girls make use of powerful skills and magic to defeat enemies. As with the support commands, these vary depending on the girl. Ran has her Max Revenge move, an electrically charged counter attack. Sako has her "Dotou no Sako Rush" move which pummels enemies with punches.

Merit 3: Learn Field Skills

Outside of making the girls cooperate in battle, a few rounds of punishment will make the girls cooperate when exploring the tower, as they'll gain access to special field skills. Kisaragi has a "Treasure Search" skill which can give you information about treasure boxes on a floor. Sako has a "Loud Voice" skill where she shouts and makes enemies approach.

Merit 4: Develop Stronger Relationship With the Girls

As you punish the girls, you'll find that they'll start asking for stuff, a process known as "Girls Order." Fulfill their requests, and your relationship with the girls will strengthen.

In these screens, Kisaragi says that she wants a new accessory. The game takes note of the request. Later, you find a necklace in a dungeon and give it to Kisaragi who remarks that it's beautiful.

The girls may not want just items, though. One screen shows Ran asking that you let her fight more.

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