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The 3rd Birthday: A Special Message From Producer Yoshinori Kitase

Square Enix begins a new column as Aya's return to the game screen approaches.


The 3rd Birthday has a rarely updated development blog. It looks like the blog will be getting a bit more activity now that Square Enix has started up a "Creators Message" feature.

The first message arrived earlier today via producer Yoshinori Kitase.

"Today I cleared The 3rd Birthday for the first time," wrote Kitase. "While I've played a number of times as 'work,' today was the first time I played a nearly complete version from beginning to end from the perspective of a 'game fan.'"

Although Kitase read the scenario over a year ago, he was drawn into the game's mystery-filled story developments. He was also moved by the song that plays at the end, even though he'd heard it multiple times during the game's development.

"If it's this interesting even when I already know so much, for all of you who will be playing with a blank slate, I can recommend it with confidence."

Here are a couple of pics of Kitase playing The 3rd Birthday (and being a jerk about it!)

The honor of providing the first creators message post for the game went to Kitase, but that didn't stop director Hajime Tabata from using The 3rd Birthday Twitter to deliver some comments of his own.

"The 3rd Birthday is almost complete," said Tabata. "We've given the game our all. I apologize for the bad words, but the game's concept is a killing match of Aya vs Twisted. For everyone who likes games, 3rd will be enjoyable."

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