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Atlus Outlines Upcoming Strategy

Publisher expects 150,000 units of Catherine, pours resources into social games.

Even thought Atlus as a company is operating under Index, Catherine will still be an Atlus game. Index has maintained that the Atlus brand will carry on for game releases.

Catherine is the first HD game from the folks behind Persona. That makes it a big event amongst gamers, and it looks like Atlus aims for it to sell a decent amount. The publisher said today that it hopes to sell 150,000 units of the Xbox 360 and PS3 title following its release this Winter.

The announcement came at a financial briefing that was held yesterday by Index Holdings, the company that absorbed Atlus on October 1. Atlus was previously a wholly owned Index Holdings subsidiary. Index Holdings also absorbed its mobile-focused Index subsidiary at the same time. On December 1, it will change its name to just Index.

Other video game related business discussed at the briefing, as covered at Impress Watch:

Index hopes to sell 138,000 units of Radiant Historia, which hits the DS on November 3.

Back in July, Atlus released a card-based arcade game based off Level-5's hugely successful Inazuma Eleven series. At the briefing, Index said it hopes to make it the most popular game in the category.

3DS was mentioned briefly. A slide mentioned all the previously announced games: Shin Megamitensei series, Persona series, Etrian Odyssey series, and Devil Survivor series.

Much of the briefing was spent on network and social gaming. Index said that it hopes to make social gaming into one of its core businesses.

One of the first steps for the Atlus brand in social gaming was Persona 3 Social, which was released on the popular Mobagetown service in August. This free-to-play game recorded 430,000 members as of the end of September, with 8% making paid purchases, bringing in total sales of ¥32 million. The game is doing better than expected, Index said, and has already crossed the 500,000 member mark.

In November, the Atlus brand will see social games like Shin Megami Tensei Devil Hunter and a love simulation of some form (you can see some images in this slide). Index says that it hopes to speed up the conversion of its game titles into social form.

Index also detailed some of its post merger restructuring plans. In order to pour resources into the former Index and Atlus divisions, it will be forming a new "Net and Games Business" category. This will be split into Net Games, Package Games and Mobile Games. The Net Games business will encompass the Index, Rosso Index and Europe's Index Multimedia groups. The Package Games business will cover Atlus and North America's Atlus USA.

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