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Shining Hearts Has Pet Spirits

The latest on Sega's gameplay packed PSP RPG.


It may not have much "Shining" about it, but you have to admit that Sega has packed Shining Hearts with gameplay systems. The latest to come to light is the "Pet Spirit" system.

All sorts of spirits exist in the Shining Hearts world, playing a particular role in the story of Alvin, the 119-year-old elf who's capable of directly communicating with the spirits. Alvin can always be seen in the company of Kefia, a flying female wind spirit who has great spirit power.

Outside of the story-based spirits like Kefia, the game also lets you collect and raise spirits as pets. As you progress through events and defeat monsters in battle, you'll collect Spirit Eggs. Take these to the "spirits nest" in your bakery (in case you've forgotten, your an employee at a magic bakery), and they'll eventually hatch into a spirit pet.

You can carry just one pet with you at a given time. Depending on the spirit in your company, your status will rise in different ways, and you'll gain access to special "spirit skills."

Some spirits have rare skills, so you'll want to be on the lookout for new types.

Here are some example spirits:

The one that may be reminding you of Pikachu is a lightning-type spirit named Carbuncle. All the spirits have names and elemental types, but hopefully they don't all look like Pokemon.

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