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Creepy Catherine Gameplay Screens

Zombie baby calls Vincent papa!


Our first real look at Catherine gameplay outside of Famitsu.com comes from Amazon. The retailer posted an updated listing for Catherine today, and it included some full res gameplay shots.

We saw the one at the top before. Vincent has apparently made his way to the top of the stairs in his nightmare and one of the sheep dudes tells him that anyone who's visited the nightmare world once will end up visiting it every night.

This is the creature that was shown in Famitsu a couple of issues back. The bar on the left seems to be some sort of progress gauge. But what are the bottles to the left of the gauge supposed to mean?

Zombie baby calls Vincent "Papa."

Come to think of it, Katherine (with a K) did allude to being pregnant in past dialogue sequences.

This isn't a gameplay shot, but that's vincent with his chums. Johnny says that different from Vincent, he believes that marriage should be with your destined partner.

You can read more on Vincent's loser friends and a few gameplay bits in this issue of Flying Get.

Here are some additional cut scene images, some of which were previously shared:

With a release date now set (that's February 17, in case you missed it), let's hope Atlus will be good enough to tell us what you actually do in Vincent's dreams aside from climbing up stairs and running away from zombie babies.

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