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The 3rd Birthday: Crossfire and Liberation Systems

Two ways for Aya to up her arsenal in the Parasite Eve sequel.


A few new gameplay details, screens and movies popped up at the 3rd Birthday official site today. Access the "Systems" area for a look at Aya's Special Moves and Advanced tactics.

The special move section currently offers a look at Liberation. When in Libration mode, Aya will, for a limited time, see a speed boost and will automatically evade incoming attacks. Aya's attack will also switch to "Energy Shot."

To use Liberation, you must build up your liberation gauge, shown at the lower right of the screen. This is done by defeating enemies.

Cross Fire sees Aya team up with soldiers in her area to fire at the same target.

When Aya is in the vicinity of soldiers who can support her, the "Linkage" gauge will appear on screen and will gradually fill up. Once it's full, it will change to a "Crossfire" gauge. As this depletes, Aya and her nearby soldiers will blast away at the same target.

Visit the official site for a couple of movies showing these gameplay systems. The videos are under the "system" section. Be sure and click on the right tab at the top of the section.

The site's download section also now has a countdown screensaver that shows scenes from past Parasite Eve games.

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