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Yakuza Of the End -- Zombie Style Melee Combat

A look at classic hand-to-hand combat and the new gunplay.

Kiryu and Goda team up for a group Heat Snipe move. But there's more to Yakuza Of the End's battle system than just gunplay.

Sega revealed earlier this week that Yakuza Of the End would continue to feature hand-to-hand combat on top of the newly added gunplay. Now get your first look at melee combat zombie style courtesy of the game's official site.

In Of the End, you'll be able to engage in hand-to-hand combat with your zombie foes, and can also make use of trash cans, signs, bikes and other objects you find along the road.

It's unclear how this will work, but it seems that you can easily switch off between guns and fists. Screens show Akiyama, one of the four main characters, taking foot to zombie while still holding his twin guns.

The official site also provides a few additional details on the gun shooting part of the combat.

Basic gunplay does not require that you aim. You just turn your character in the direction of the enemy, press fire, and the game will automatically aim for you. Handgun-type weapons (this presumably includes all the default weapons) have infinite ammo, so all you have to do is blast away while taking reload timing into consideration.

Those who want more precise aim can switch to "Aiming Mode." This will allow you to aim for head shots, resulting in single hit kills. You can also precisely aim at enemy week spots, resulting in greater damage, and manually give priority to certain enemies.

A major part of the Gun Shot shooting system are Heat Snipe moves, which are gun-based versions of the Heat Action special attacks of past games.

Here's what one of Kazuma's Heat Snipe moves looks like.

Visit the official site for looks at Heat Snipe moves for the other characters, including cooperative moves between Akiyama and Majima and Kiryu and Goda.

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