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Muramasa: The Demon Blade Spinoff Hits Cell Phones

Another major franchise is coming to the Mobagetown service.

No word on a real sequel just yet...

Still waiting on that Oboro Muramasa (Muramasa: The Demon Blade) HD remake? There's no news about that at present, but here's how you can reenter the world of Marvelous Entertainment and Vanilla Ware's critically acclaimed 2D action title.

According to mobile game site Game-GP, DeMA's popular Mobagetown mobile service has taken delivery of a game called Oboro Muramasa Gaiden, a spinoff of the Wii original.

As you might expect from a Mobagetown game, Oboro Muramasa Gaiden isn't an action title. Its genre is "social battle simulation." The characters from Oboro Muramasa split off into teams of two for battles which involve selecting "attack" and other such commands.

No screenshots have surfaced, but the posting at Game-GP notes that the visuals are beyond what one would normally expect of a social game.

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